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Download all version of ArcHydro any version

 ArcGIS 10.3    ArcHydro ArcGIS    ArcHydroTools10.3     ArcHydroTools10.3x64The Arc Hydro Toolset is a suite of tools which facilitate the creation, manipulation, and display of Arc Hydro features and objects within the ArcMap environment. The tools provide raster, vector, and time series functionality, and many of them populate the attributes of Arc Hydro features.
In addition to full compatibility with the software version 10.0, the new version of the Arc Hydro tools are also now fully available in the geoprocessing environment.

Download for 32 bit
Download for x64
ArcGIS 10.3
ArcHydro ArcGIS 10.3.x

ArcGIS 10.2
ArcHydro ArcGIS 10.2.x

ArcGIS 10.1
ArcHydro ArcGIS 10.1.x

ArcGIS 10.0
ArcHydro ArcGIS 10.0
ArcGIS 9.3
ArcHydro ArcGIS 9.3

You can also download some tutorials
Book 1 :  Arc Hydro GP Tools 2.0 - Tutorial.pdf
Book 2 :  Arc Hydro Tools 2.0 - Tutorial.pdf
Others books you can download theme for mor information
AHCFG1 HydroID and UniqueID Manager Configuration.pdf
AHCFG2 Local Parameters Configuration.pdf
AHCFG3 Global Delineation with EDNA Data.pdf
AHOV1 Arc Hydro Tools - Overview.pdf
AHOV2 Arc Hydro Project Development Best Practices.pdf
AHPCS1 QC for Preprocessing Vector Data.pdf
Overview of Arc Hydro terrain preprocessing workflows.pdf
Setting up an Arc Hydro based geoprocessing service_102.pdf
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